Alumni Strategic Plan

National Alumni Association Strategic Plan (2017-2021)

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The Truman State University National Alumni Association fosters and strengthens lifelong relationships between its alumni and friends through alumni chapter, club and affinity groups; consistent and current communications; timely activities and events and ongoing opportunities to support the Truman community.


The Association is the gateway for all Truman State University alumni and friends—from every generation, academic program and student organization—to connect and celebrate pride as Bulldogs Forever.


In order to effectively act on the Association’s mission, this strategic plan outlines core goals and strategies to achieve the vision. It lays the foundation for programs, policies and initiatives for the next four years and beyond.


Support communication among alumni

Facilitate meaningful Truman-related communication that can easily be shared through the personal networks of alumni.


  • Emphasize and embrace communication that reflects the personable nature of the Association.
  • Encourage alumni leaders to promote Truman through multiple forms of communication.
  • Make systematic use of online and personal networks.
  • Seek opportunities to partner with student organizations on communications with their alumni.
  • Develop a consistent onboarding program for new alumni volunteers and leaders.
  • Develop means for alumni groups to share pertinent news, stories, and communication strategies with each other.

Strengthen networks

Strengthen the sense of community among alumni through professional, educational and social networking opportunities.


  • ? ? ? ? Cultivate alumni rapport and camaraderie built on the shared Truman experience.
  • Develop templates for alumni to host in-person and virtual networking events.
  • Create opportunities to bring alumni of similar professions together.
  • Facilitate the exchange of ideas among alumni from a myriad of backgrounds.
  • Develop opportunities for alumni to come together and explore shared interests.
  • Host social networking events that encourage diverse alumni participation.
  • Bring alumni together during community events.
  • Facilitate communication among alumni at networking events.
  • Encourage alumni to demonstrate school spirit in their communities.

Provide experiences unique to Truman

Promote enriching experiences that speak uniquely to Truman alumni and stakeholders.


  • ? ? ? ?Offer events that have a Kirksville connection for alumni who cannot return often.
  • ? ? ? ?Create events led by alumni, faculty, staff and current students.
  • ? ? ? ?Engage alumni on social media with photos, memories and University events.
  • ? ? ? ?Maximize opportunities when faculty and staff travel in chapter and club areas.

Connect with new generations of Bulldogs

Increase Bulldog pride among current students and young alumni as a foundation for lifelong engagement with the Association.


  • Bolster membership of recent graduates.
  • Bridge the college and post-college experience.
  • Collaborate with the Career Center to connect with and support current students.
  • Develop programs that attract alumni to campus to interact with students.
  • Cultivate student organizations as partners in strengthening connections with alumni.
  • Highlight benefits and skills gained by participating as a leader in alumni affinity organizations.
  • Develop a succinct statement describing the benefits of engaging with the Association.

Elevate the liberal arts and sciences

Raise awareness of the value gained from Truman’s unique liberal arts and sciences education, resulting in stronger marketability of alumni and increased passion for lifelong learning.


  • ? ? ? ? Promote understanding of liberal arts and sciences education and its unique value in a manner that is approachable.
  • Develop events that promote interdisciplinary topics.
  • Share alumni testimonials and success stories that emphasize the liberal arts and sciences.
  • Engage and empower alumni in publicly advocating for the liberal arts and sciences.


The Truman Alumni Association Board of Directors will regularly revisit the strategies presented in this strategic plan to evaluate progress and revise as needed to achieve these goals. The Association, officially established in 1992, has and will continue to evolve to best serve its stakeholders.

Addendums for assessment:

  • ? ? ? ?Stakeholders
  • ? ? ? ?Measures of success
  • ? ? ? ?Membership and participation